The Italian Passion for Pearls

For more than two decades, Mayumi has been searching for the most beautiful and precious pearls in the seas around the world.

Mayumi is a feminine proper name derived from the Japanese words (Ma) "true" (yu) "cause" and (mi) "beauty," and is meant to evoke the power of nature, which, in the blue depths of the waters of faraway countries, gives birth to these incredible gems, a symbol of perfection and beauty.

The cornerstones of Mayumi's business philosophy are Italian tradition and attention to detail: priorities that come together every day to create a new way of conceiving and designing jewelry. Mayumi with sea or freshwater pearls creates jewelry with unmistakable charm ideal for everyday wear, combined with noble materials such as gold and silver and other precious stones.

Mayumi's greatest ambition is to see women choose and wear this jewelry to enhance their beauty and femininity at every moment of the day.