The Italian Passion for Pearls

For more than twenty years, Mayumi® has been locating the most beautiful and precious pearls in all the world and, thanks to its consolidated relations with the most important cultivators on site, always offers jewellery with pearls of guaranteed excellent quality and incomparable beauty.

The name itself, which derives from the Japanese words “Ma” which means arc and “Yumi” which means strength, wishes to recall the great power of nature which, at the blue depths of the waters of faraway countries, gives life to these incredible gems, symbols of perfection and purity.

Italian tradition and attention to detail are the keystones of the company philosophy and the priorities which come together every day to invent a new way of conceiving of and designing jewels. The Italian design mirrors its style in all Mayumi® creations, due to the attention paid to fashion and imagination. Within the company philosophy, the greatest recognition is seeing women who choose Mayumi® jewels every day in order to accentuate their beauty and grace