The culture of the tears of the Gods, as mythology defines it, was born in Japan at the end of the 19th Century, when natural pearls threatened to disappear: this led to the desire to keep alive this example of perfect synergy between man and nature.

The cultivation of pearls is present in the seas of various different countries using totally natural methods which respect the environment. To produce a pearl, a mother pearl is selected and when it gets to the age of three,a nucleus of mother pearl from the age of four to ten is put inside, before the treasure protected inside is collected.

In the meantime, the mollusc puts many layers of pearliness around the nucleus as a mark of defence.
After harvesting, the pearls are washed and selected carefully on the basis of their purity, size and brightness. Mayumi® becomes a protagonist in this stage because it has much taste and experience in the selection of the pearls to be added to its collection.