A history of pearls

The pearl is one of the most fascinating miracles nature has to offer us: small and delicate gem, perfect and accomplished in itself, it seems to enclose, mocking and enigmatic, the secret of its origin. A secret mixed with magic and mystery since the beginning of time.

The pearl is one of the gems that have most fascinated in every age and, not surprisingly, is one of the first (if not the first) of the gems valued and used by man from ancient times to the present.

An ancient gift from the purest waters of distant seas, pearls have always enchanted and seduced by their ethereal beauty. Synonymous with femininity and refined simplicity, pearls, these precious gifts of nature, are chosen by Mayumi® to become the true stars of unique pearl jewelry.

Described in mythology and religion, for centuries pearls have been adored and worn by emperors, queens and the most beautiful and powerful women who saw in their mysterious luster a symbol of power, given their rarity, perfection, purity and elegance.

Even today, after centuries of history, the pearl still conquers and enchants with its intangible charm and the mystery that surrounds it.

Each pearl is unique in shape, color, luster and size. This is precisely its greatest value and what makes it so precious: it never repeats itself and no one will ever be able to wear the same gem from the sea. Everyone will be able to choose the shades, the play of reflections and the shape they want, to make this little miracle of nature a faithful accessory of elegant beauty.