The MAYUMI® brand guarantees the source and quality of this jewel.

A jewel signed by MAYUMI® will retain its beauty and quality characteristics unalterated if it is not subject to treatments and uses that could harm or alter its integrity (*).

The MAYUMI® pearls of the jewel are of superb quality and are a result of lengthy and patient selection. They will not disappoint your most demanding expectations.

We leave our clients the pleasure of choosing the MAYUMI® jewel that best enhances their beauty and chearm. The guarantee is only valid if it is fully filled out and stamped by an exclusive MAYUMI® dealer.

All MAYUMI® jewels are made through processing methods, materials or substances not noxious.

The activation of the MAYUMI international guarantee entitles you to a discount to be used on our eCommece. In the confirmation email you will then receive a promotional code that allows you to take advantage of the discount reserved for you.

*: The pearls must be worn as final complement, avoiding to put them in contact with perfumes, hair creams or lacquers, which can alter or even seriously affect the gloss and the colour of the pearls. The setting of the pearls or stones is not covered by warranty.



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